Christopher Dosin

Christopher Dosin

I am a Fullstack Javascript Developer and a digital nomad trying to build useful things. You should follow me on Twitter

Nuxt.js FATAL ERROR CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed

May 11, 2019

Just a quick tip to help you out, if you’re running into the same issue like me. We’re currently building a pretty big Application based on…

Nuxt.js with GraphQL & Apollo with Contentful

May 09, 2019

What a Stack! I am currently working for a client where’re using Nuxt.js for the frontend and Contentful as a headless Content Management…

Shopware jQuery sticky menu / element

January 05, 2019

This article is about how to write a very basic jQuery Plugin for Shopware to get a sticky menu / element based on the scroll position. For…